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All You Need To Know About Bullheaded NFTs

The market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is growing quickly. Everyday, a variety of new projects, although mostly low-quality, are added to its sphere. We had one goal when we developed Bullheaded NFTs. To create something that was ranked with the top ones among the best, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki or similar. We are proud to say that we succeeded. Read on to learn how you can join us before the general public begins to get to know us.

What are Bullheaded NFTs?

Bullheaded NFTs, 7,777 completely customized items, are designed to show bully breed dogs that come in various designs, styles, backgrounds, and other traits. The entire collection is registered on Ethereum. Each token is based on the ERC-721 guidelines, which guarantees ownership security and security of transactions for all potential owners. Our collection aims to follow in the footsteps of internationally renowned projects which demonstrated that often all NFTs must do is offer extremely secure intellectual property, including exclusive on,- and offline benefits, and plans to get excited about, in order to gain a following.

The Bullheaded NFTs will provide what they promise, and more. The collection will not only be among the most diverse and beautiful artworks available in the field, but also include a wide range of benefits and perks that are expected to create an organic demand and increase value for the BullHeads.

What is it that makes Bullheaded NFTs so special?

Let’s explore what makes BullHeads different from the rest. In the beginning, we cannot pass by the high-quality and variety of artwork that BullHeads feature. The designs are randomly derived from over 160 different traits and specifications Each BullHead has its own unique personality, featuring vibrant combinations of facial expression, futuristic clothing, eyewear as well as weapons and more. BullHeads are likely to become sought-after, and their price will increase significantly when they become publicly traded.

We’ll now get to the special advantages and features of owning a BullHead. We wanted to develop intellectual property of great value that has no utility and allow full of digital ownership through NFTs. This was done in order to provide BullHeads with many benefits. These will include accessing an exclusive club of global holders and perks associated with blockchain, and private events. There are plenty more from different areas such as DeFi, P2E Gaming the BullHead DAO, airdrops and more.

What is the Bullheaded NFT’s road map?

We are incredibly proud to have an agenda that promises thrilling times. Bullheaded NFTs is an exceptional company that will take the reader on an unforgettable journey.

How do you get your Bullheaded NFT

Follow our social media accounts and you can buy the BullHeads already minting for 0.7 ETC + gas. You can also purchase your coin at the public mint for 0.8 ETC + gas. Let’s embark on this journey together. The Bullheaded community awaits you.

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