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Lightsaber: Things You Should Know

The Lightsaber can be used to knock down any foe. It’s an elegantand simple design , made of light metal , with two handles either side and a switch that turns it off or on between strikes.

With their distinctive human appearance, lightsabers have become an iconic symbol of popular culture. But where do these beautiful swords originate? What’s the secret behind their effectiveness? What are their distinctive qualities which allow individuals to fight for control of or to defend themselves from the attacks of another with the only shaky metal on either side? It’s not enough to address this question at this point. The answer lies in a detailed explanation.

Before the establishment of The Republic, there were Lightsabers being used. These Lightsabers were created due to meditation techniques that could be used during times of war. Their ability to cut through battlefields unlike any other weapon could ever rival them was the thing that was the inspiration behind their creation. While First Blades and Force Wars are now myths however, they might have been factual back in the days of their origins. No one knows when this occurred.

The legends of Star Wars tell of a period in which two warriors fought with lightsabers. The proto-saber, which is the first known lightsaber was said to have produced twin beams along by means of its prongs. This created an infuriating display that caused people’s heartbeat patterns to change and caused them to feel like they were running too fast.

The lightsaber is a more flexible weapon, made up of a plasma blade powered by crystals called kyber. If the emitter matrix isn’t properly aligned, it can produce undesirable outcomes. Modern-day lightsabers are more complicated because they can be used for both swordplay and defensive tools against Tibanna’s native flora, which includes medicinal plants like Mon Mothma grass (which can be useful in treating radiation poisoning).

Imagine the terror you’d feel if your arm was set on fire and the blade of an enemy’s weapon cut through it. Though you might be able to extinguish the flames, it’s likely that your arm could be damaged.

The Kyber crystals tuned to the Force are present on numerous worlds throughout the galaxy. These Living Crystals are able to connect with one another, and also possess the undiscovered consciousness. Some claim that they are able to communicate with themselves, other living things and even inanimate objects , such as computers. Crystals that are specially designed are used to store and focus the power of a lightsaber. Living crystals are able to stand up to the extreme temperatures and pressures located in the stellar cores as well as other conditions which would typically destroy the majority of things we’ve seen on Earth which makes them ideal vessels to perform this important job.

The Force is always there even when it’s not visible. Every kyber crystal was unique in its resonance, a distinct sound that guided any Jedi that was trying to make their own lightsaber to the one they believed was designed for them; some emitted sound or displayed harmony to provide guidance when touching while others showed the feeling of cold if one did not touch themselves immediately with the focus on finding the ideal suitable match (which may require more than just searching).

A lightsaber’s heart is made up of Kyber crystals. These crystals bond with Jedi Masters and allow them to change their blades’ appearance into various shades. The most commonly seen colors on both sides are green and blue according to the side that one is on. But this special power was granted by Luke Skywalker so that any colour can be created.

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