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Reasons To Visit LEGOLAND Florida

LEGO fans flocked to the gates of LEGOLAND Florida in hopes to play with some of this year’s most loved toys. Families took to the streets in bright colors with large sculptures featuring Albert Einstein and other famous figures, while southern ladies sat in the distance, smiling because the toys were no longer required. This was thanks to a great promo campaign that our colleagues over there helped make possible.

The top reason to go to LEGOLAND Florida.

1. Interactive Attractions and Activities for Children

It is indeed an interactive park that is interactive. Ford Driving School allows children to drive mini-cars on two-lane roads that have roundabouts and stop signs. They can also enjoy creating their own LEGO vehicles , or programming computer-controlled robots using Mindstorms. It’s not just about being entertained. There are many things that will keep you busy regardless of whether your kid seeks more exercise than they currently get daily or if they’ve been entertained by a family member.

Children are sure to have fun in DUPLO Village or barn as older kids will enjoy Forestman’s Hideout and Pharaoh’s Revenge. For those looking to build their own adventure there is even an interactive section with laser guns for kids of all ages in The Lost Kingdom ride within the Land Of Adventure.

2. Roller Coasters

Coasters are not only for thrill-seekers. LEGOLAND Florida has a wide variety of roller coasters which will keep you busy and your heart racing. There’s a different attraction than what’s offered in the California sister park (4 as opposed to 3). This may disappoint some riders however, there will be plenty of opportunity to enjoy this hattan where families as well adults can take pleasure on any number of attractions such as wooden dinosaur-themed Coasteraurus or suspended steel Flight School which offers something that is a bit different in the airborne nature of.

3. Cypress Gardens

The old Cypress Gardens is home to the most distinctive and beautiful nature. The park was founded in 1933. It is famous for its huge Banyan Tree which stands among 39 other majestic trees.

4. Water Ski Show

Brickbeard’s Bounty Battle is a thrilling spectacle that makes you laugh and cheer. Miss Miranda, her imperial soldiers fight Captain Brickerhead’s pirates using a series of waterski leaps and other actions. The first five rows will be the most splashed, so keep your cameras or cell phones from getting wet if not waterproof already because this isn’t just a one-off event.

5. LEGO Brick Creations

Miniland is the primary attraction of any LEGO park. Miniland is the most popular LEGO park. Florida location is the only area that is alive with famous structures and landmarks from around the world. Uniquely creative features include representations on Miami Beach as well as Kennedy Space Station among other sites not far like Daytona International Speedway or Key West which is worth visiting even if you’re not into playing games all day long.

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