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What Are Some Examples Of Lebanese Street Food?

The best way to enjoy the taste of Lebanon is to experience the street vendor style. These stands have been part of our culture for many years. This is the reason why people love eating at them during the summer.

Shish Kebabs

Traditional Lebanese shish kebab recipe is prepared from lamb marinated with the mixture of salt, garlic, pepper as well as your preferred spices. The meat is then skewered with vegetables like capsicums, onions as well as cherry tomatoes. After that, it’s grilled to perfection. These meals that are portable can be enjoyed while on the move (perfect for busy days) but they also make fantastic additions to summer barbecues just ensure you serve them along with some fresh salads and other refreshing side dishes so that everyone can have something unique tasting while still enjoying their food.


The flavor of the Shawarma sandwich is simply amazing. It is prepared with thinly cut pieces of marinated pork that has been slow-roasted over a long period of time on a skewer with a vertical design. The meat is perfect with tahini sauce salad tomato onion pickles and chicken.

These sandwiches are fantastic! They are available anywhere, regardless of whether there isn’t an “ifice” beyond the entrance. This type of pita-based food is extremely well-known all over the world particularly in Arab countries like Lebanon. It began in the days of farmers who would sell their products in markets instead of cultivating.


If you’re vegan, vegetarian, or just an avid eater of delicious food-falafel wraps are going to be your new favorite snack. These fried chickpea balls are made of chickpeas. They’re mixed with spices such as cumin, coriander, and garlic chili powder and they’re made into cones. They’re then wrapped in pita bread. Then, they’re decorated with lettuce onion pickles and pepper rings. Whether it’s breakfast time lunch dinner or another occasion, this dish is special in store.


Kebbeh is Lebanon’s national meal and has been consumed for thousands of years. It is made from burghul (a type of wheat that has been cracked) and diced onion ground meat, usually lamb however sometimes other meats are also used such as beef or chicken; chopped pine nuts with variety of spices from salt, pepper, cumin Cayenne To cinnamon , it could even add some heat the way if adding chilies as well. The ingredients are combined well and then cooked until golden brown.


Kheer bandooki can be described as a lover of meat’s dream. This street food is made of ground chicken, meat, and beef. It’s seasoned to perfection, and then cut into cigar-shaped cylindrical shapes. After cooking over an open flame, it’s grilled on skewers. You can either eat your ‘kafta’ straight off the skewers or put it into pita bread with any salad ingredients you like, whatever they have left after all the pickles made with dill.

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